Our Story

Retire, Retire, Retire but not from Life!


Hi I am Theodora Janice Roach, Founder and CEO of Grandma Loves Me.

I have always had a vision of being an entrepreneur. I have invested into many people's businesses and now I feel it is time to invest in myself. I have freedom of time and energy and will use it for my business, and to build a source of pride for something that I have developed. I also need a source of income and what better way than to show my skills doing something I love. I don't have to answer to anyone and I can provide service the way I would like to receive it. I am challenging myself to bolster my self worth and I can deservedly take credit for any accomplishments my company makes. 

I love to shop online and to attract like minded people who believe that life doesn't end when you become a mother/grandmother. A place where you can show your inner youth by the way you dress, with some flavor of style and zest that reflect who you are. A place where one can Share Stories, Life's Experiences, Give Gifts, Laugh, Share Memories, Update Your Style and just be your best self without any apology.


 Life doesn't end when you have children, grandchildren or retired.

I know there are women out there who are grandmothers and don't feel that their lives are over. They should know that they are not alone and shouldn't feel that they should fold up in a corner and wait for the inevitable. I am not in this just for money, but because it would afford me the luxury to travel, spend time and do things for my grandchildren that I would not be able to do in my current situation.

This gives me the opportunity to build and communicate with others while learning new skills, staying relevant and trending with new aged grandmothers, who seem to be getting younger. I love growing and learning and what better way to do it than by doing it with one of my favorite things: Fashion.

"Fruits will not ripen any faster because we demand it. It will ripen in all it's sweet splendor when it is ready in spite of our demands." The fruits of my life are ripe and ready and "there is nothing to fear but fear itself!"